Thursday, June 26, 2008

Graduation Party

This last weekend I had my Graduation Party. It was so nice. My auntie Linda got to come. She lives all the way over in Washington. It was a blessing to have her home. I also realized that her and I never even got a picture taken together, which is sad. But the best part is that I have my memories to look back on. My auntie Kay was a great blessing. She let me have my grad party at her house, which turned out amazing. I am thankful for her so much and for everything she did for me. Here is a picture of all my Aunts and Uncles on my Dad's side of the family and of course my Dad is in the picture too. My Dad is sitting in the chair, from left to right is my aunt Kay, uncle Jim, uncle Grant, and my aunt Linda.

Another amazing surprise is that my Grandma showed up. Matthew and Emily brought her and it was such a blessing. They are such an amazing couple and so loving. My Grandma is amazing. She made this quilt for me. It's nice and big and perfect for college. I can't wait to use it! Something that touched my heart was that my Grandma made me a special book. It's called "Stories to Touch the Heart." It is one of many special gifts that I will cherish forever. And believe me, the stories my Grandma has saved and found throughout the years do Touch your Heart, I even shed a few tears reading some of the stories in this book. It was such an amazing gift. She personalized it herself and wrote a little note for me in the beginning that made me cry. I love her so much, she has encouraged me throughout my walk with God and has helped me through rough times. Thank you, Grandma.
This is my Dad. I love him so much. I wish we could spend more time together. We don't get many times like this. I wish I could just drive out to him anytime I want, but I can't. It is a very long story and I would not like to share it with the rest of the world, but he lives by someone that I can't be around. And times like this is when I can take in every moment I'm with him. He's my Dad and I love him dearly.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A great investment

After searching for cars on the Internet and going to car dealerships I finally got a car. No luck until we found an add in the paper for this car. It's a Pontiac Grand Prix.

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