Friday, October 3, 2008

My life is busy...

Well, I am writing on here right now because I do have time to (not really but anyways) because I got up two hours earlier than I was suppose to. I thought that we were suppose to be at Hope Summit at 8:30 but really, that was only optional. We don't have to be there until 10:30. Silly me:D
I've been a busy lady lately. My past month seems like it's been a week. I'm sure everyone knows the feeling. I am starting to adjust nicely to Crossroads. I love it here and the people are really quite amazing.
I got a job, which is taking up a lot of my time. I feel like my homework is about twice the amount that I had a CLC last year. It's fun though.
My sleeping habits have changed. Last year I'd go to bed around 10:30 11, now I go to bed around 12 or 1. Hehe, I'm good though, coffee keeps me functioning.
My roommates are amazing. I love each and everyone of them :) Liz, Melanie, Julie, Hannah, and Crystal. They are fun girls:)
I was homesick for one day out of the month that I've been away from home. I am actually stunned that the move went over so well for me. The reason I had a bad day is because a teacher in one of my classes quit, so a new teacher was going to take over but he couldn't teach class until later in the day and I didn't want that. I was also stressed about a job, and plus, I was kinda broke. Things are a lot better now. I just wish I would have trusted in God a little more that day.

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