Friday, April 2, 2010

Philemon 1:7

Well, I have not written on here in so long! Here is a quick summary of how my life has been in the last year:
I transferred to Northwestern. I was so nervous transferring. I loved Crossroads and I really wanted to stay there and be with the friends that I made. But God had a much better plan for me. He provided for me all year long. He gave me such AMAZING friends. I have no idea how life would be if I did not have these girls in my life. He gave me a loving RA, sweet roomies, and awesome hall mates! Anyways, God has been so good to me this year. He has revealed so many blessings to me including children. Oh, how my love for them has grown this year.

There has been really tough times for me this year as well. I have not had a job, which has made things really difficult. But, I know that God has done this for a reason. He wanted me to get to know the girls more. He knew that with my busy schedule, I would have a really hard time fitting a job in there. He is so good. I have gone through trials throughout this school year, but they were all done because He loves me.
Something I would like to share with you is something that I think we can all benefit from. I went through a time of discouragement. Probably for about two weeks. I did not even notice until my roomie brought it up. Then one of my friends came to visit me for the day. Wow, it was so amazing. She encouraged me so much with so many things that I was struggling with. I cannot even describe in words how God blessed me on this day. I just really wanted to share this because for me, I need encouragement. So many times I doubt myself. God has helped me realize this. And because I went through this, I feel led to encourage others.

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