Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I graduated!!!

So this last Friday I graduated:) I don't feel any different. But I think after grad blast I did a little (I got really sick, I may have got food poisoning.) When I got home around 6:30am I had a really bad stomach ache. I slept until around noon and was still sick. I finally got better after about two days. I wouldn't be surprised after what I ate: walking taco's, about 5 vitamin waters, 5 waters, and a mountain dew, fruit, mac and cheese, hot spicy peperoni's, and a lot of other stuff. Grad blast was so much fun though. Spending the whole night wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. This years grad blast theme was the Olympics. I was on team Pennington. We played games, a hypnotist was there(I didn't get hypnotized), karaoke, boxing, and a lot of other fun things were their for us.

My gorgeous Mother and I.


Calen, Alisha, Colbi and I.

Plus Molly!

Friends forever.

Taryn, Jeenah, and I. I like this picture!

Colbi, Erica, and I.
Molly, Eric, Colbi, and I.

Nellie, Colbi, and I.

Sisters plus nieces.

My beautiful niece Cadence and I.


The big walk.

Whoo hoo!!!

We made it!

The Valedictorian and I.

I really wish I were smiling in this picture.


Miss Morgan and I.

I also got my grades back! I got a 4.0 this semester! :) This was my goal for this semester and I managed to keep it. So my cum g.p.a was 3.88.


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Good for you! :o)

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CONGRATS!! I graduate next year!

Grl4God (aka Mackenzie)

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Congratulations Brit!

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