Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The way God showed me His love today

Today was the most beautiful day ever. I got done with a test early so I got to spend some time outside for awhile. I went to a park near the college and got to read my Bible, take a few picture's, eat lunch, and take in the beautiful world around me. Here are a few pictures of how God showed me His love today. Enjoy!

God gave me this Bible to show me His unfailing love He has for me.

The sky and clouds remind me of God's love.

The world in general is a reminder of God's love. He made it in six day's. That is pretty amazing.

Just looking at this tree reminds me of God's love. Every little detail God designed.

This beautiful, witty little girl also showed me God's love today. I love her!

To end the afternoon I got to enjoy part of it with a friend at a coffee shop. We read God's word, laughed, and talked about the future(scary, exciting, nervous!). This was another way God showed me His love, through friends.


Polly Blanshan said...

I didn't know you had a blog!
That's very exciting for me to find out.
The pictures are beautiful!

Who? Oldest of six said...

Oh hi Brittnee!!! Didn't realize you had a blog when you told me you found mine. I like the tulips picture.

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