Friday, May 14, 2010

all done!

I have finished my Junior year of college! I was so blessed with being able to do pseo my Senior year of High School.
Yesterday I moved home from school. Really I do not know how I made it through the week. This years finals have been the worst that I have ever experienced. There were many late nights and early mornings this past week. It was the Lord that got me through this week. I literally was sick two nights in a row because of lack of sleep and no time of rest. Moving out was really bitter-sweet. I will miss my lovely blue hall ladies this summer. The Lord has blessed me with such sweet friends. Next year I will be living with my current roommate, Terra and a friend of a blue hallmate, Jennifer. It will be exciting to go back to school this fall. I already miss everyone. Next year I will be an orientation leader, so I will be moving in a few weeks early. Here is a highlight of this year :)

The Blue Hall group:

This was a dance that my hall did for KnuHa day. It was so much fun and probably one of my favorite things that I did this past year. Our hall bonded a lot through this dance, especially since we all got together to practice every week, sometimes more than once a week.

Here are a few of my favorite art projects that I did this year:
This was a project that I did for my design concepts class. All of us in the class had to make an inflatable for our final. Since I am more of a 2D artist, I struggled with working with 3D projects, yet was actually one of my favorite projects of the year. Also, one of my favorite classes. My professor, Monica, is probably my favorite art professor at nwc.

This was my final project for my sculpture class. These two pictures are of buttons. For our final we could make whatever type of sculpture that we wanted. My idea of buttons came from a sculpture artist named Tara Donovan. I loved her button sculptures and really wanted to make one of my own. Before starting this project, I wasn't sure how I would like the colors and was contemplating spray painting the buttons after I finished gluing them together. After finishing this sculpture I really loved how the colors looked together. Wacky, yet really cool.

This is a drawing I did of my roommate, Christine. My intention of drawing this picture was to submit it in the "Food in the Door" at the MIA. Unfortunately I did not get to submit it because there was too many entries when I went to bring it. Even though I did not get to submit it, I still love it and am happy that I got to draw Christine.


Keren Ruth said...

The button sculpture is really cool and unique.

Abbi said...

I really like the button sculpture too! The pencil drawing is very well done too. I love pencil drawings of people.

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